Public Liability Lawyers

Public Liability Lawyers

Public Liability Lawyers

Where there has been a fall in any public place there’s a strong chance carelessness is involved. Negligence must be clearly proven and established. A strong case will need to be built for the negligence claim or common law claim to be successful.

Here are some Critical things to remember;-

– Take pictures of the location. This can be critical in showing where and why you slipped. It will be a great help to your public liability lawyers to assist your claim.

– Soon after you have taken snap shots, it is advisable to report the matter to the premises manager. Such as the shopping center manager or local Council need to be made aware of the injuries to stop any further trip slip and falls from occurring.

– Gather as many witnesses as you can and obtain their contact details. Witnesses can prove fairly valuable to support your claim.

– Gather information on any previous similar incidents in the same place.

Establishing negligence is not easily done and it’s a solicitors place to examine. An insurance company might do their own investigation, but with their own interests in mind. An insurer is not seeking to build a case for the injured person but to build a case against a large insurance claim arising.

It is encouraged never to accept an offer of compensation from an insurance company until you’ve received a second opinion first. It’s not up to the insurance company to ensure you get everything to which you are entitled, for this really is the job of a attorney. As soon as you have accepted an offer of compensation it can mean the end of your claim as well as the end of your rights to a future claim.

Your entitlements to compensation in a slip, trip or fall might depend on a number of variables.

The key factors are;

– Where the personal injury took place –

– Why the injury took place – all the circumstances

– Whether negligence can be clearly shown

– Whether or not negligence was full or partial

– Whether the fall occurred on the way to or from work

There is a basic responsibility of care that must be demonstrated to ensure a place is safe for the general public. By law if an occupier or owner of premises is negligent a person is entitled to personal injury compensation.

Below are some examples of typical public liability claims;

– Injuries caused by slips trips and falls on a uneven public footpath

– Injuries caused by broken tiles in a public swimming pool

– Faulty equipment in a gym

– A slip in a supermarket or shopping centre as a result of wet slippery floors

– Objects falling on people unexpectedly

If you have suffered a trip in any public place it really is ideal to seek professional medical assistance straight away. Even if you don’t think your injury is too bad. It is very wise to seek medical advice on how to manage your injury and have you meticulously examined by a specialist.

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